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Peter Macfarlane

Peter has played fiddle for Scottish dance for 30 years: from 1988 with many bands in England, and since 2003 throughout New England and beyond. He led the Aylesbury Fiddle Rally, an annual concert of Scottish music given by over 60 fiddlers to an audience of ten times as many, for 10 years, and has taught Scottish fiddle widely, including Pinewoods camp, the UK's Hands-On-Music series, the Flurry Festival, Middlebury College, other weekends & festivals, and private fiddle lessons at home in Addison, VT. He is a full-time member of two bands: Atlantic Crossing, with whom he has released 6 CDs, and Frost and Fire, whose debut album was released in December 2013. His solo UK album was released in 2003, and more recently (2017) he completed a solo recording of several of his original waltzes. He has also published two volumes of his own compositions. Outside music, he is a freelance tutor of biology and chemistry at high school level (an 18-year career in England), and builds cedar-strip canoes, doing business as Otter Creek Smallcraft.

Jeannie Van order

Jeannie is a long time devotee of 18th Century Scottish fiddle music, Highland bagpipes, Scottish Country Dance and the songs of Robert Burns. She has attended Scottish fiddle summer camps in Black Mountain and Valle Crucis, North Carolina, for many years and has played Scottish Country Dance music with The Cameron Ensemble in NYC and the Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire. She was born and raised in Chautauqua County, NY,  and has lived in Vermont since 2001. In previous incarnations she has been a middle school teacher, an airline agent and an antique dealer.

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