Vermont Fiddle Orchestra

Music for the current season of the VFO

The left column provides links to PDFs of lead sheets (melody & chords).
The middle column similarly provides harmony parts (also bass clef parts).
In some instances the 'Lead' and 'Accompaniment' links point to the same sheet.
The right column plays recordings of the tunes. The upper emphasises melody; the lower emphasises harmony.
Below the main entries is a list of some of the tunes played more slowly to assist learning.
All material formerly here is now on the VFO Archive page.

The recordings are very much home recordings and are not studio-quality, so it would be appreciated if they were used only in the VFO context. Thanks for understanding.

Fall 2021

Tunes below are placeholders only, to be updated soon with new tunes.

Lead sheet



The Headlands

Headlands - Harmony

Headlands - Bass Clef

Slow Audio



The Headlands (60 bpm)

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